Do you Qualify?

Qualifying Criteria made Easy

We can walk you through the various qualifications for tax-free and tax paid vehicle sales. If you’re unsure whether or not you can qualify, we can help answer that question: with fifty years of experience, we’re used to applying and interpreting the rules.

There are a range of qualifications.

Military Sales

You meet the criteria for Military sales if:

  • You are a current or retired member of British Forces or a dependant;
  • You are a DDS Card Holder;
  • You are in the UK for a Tax Paid Car;
  • You are Abroad for a Tax Free Car.

Diplomatic Sales

You meet the criteria for a diplomatic tax-free vehicle if:

Visiting Forces Sales

You can purchase a tax-free vehicle on a visiting forces basis if:

Direct Export Sales

You qualify for direct export of a tax-free vehicle if you are buying a car:

Personal Export Sales

Personal export is a means of sourcing a tax-free vehicle for which you can qualify if:

New Means of Transport Sales

Means of Transport sales are open to a wide range of individuals who intend to leave the UK in the near future: