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Personal Export

Personal export is an ideal way for eligible customers to purchase a tax-free vehicle in the UK for use outside of the country. For example, overseas visitors who have not been in the UK for 365 days within the two years before the date of purchase are eligible, as are UK residents who intend to leave the UK – and remain abroad for at least six months.

At ADC Automotive, we have long experience in helping these clients achieve the best car for them – and, crucially, providing all the administrative and logistical support necessary to not just purchasing but securing and delivering the vehicle on time and without incident.

As a business which specialises in the Personal Export Scheme, we are able not just to provide our customers with access to it – but with the expertise and customer service necessary to deriving the maximum possible value from making use of it.

We advise customers on the best vehicle for their needs, arrange all the necessary paperwork, and pay close attention safely and seamlessly ensuring arrival of the vehicle at its destination.

Personal export is designed for the convenience and benefit of those who are eligible. Our service ensures that the process is as smooth and navigable as it should be.

In other words, we add value to the scheme, providing not just savings but peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your purchase.

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Qualifying Criteria

Personal Export Sales

Personal export is a means of sourcing a tax-free vehicle for which you can qualify if: